You can allow 2018 to be just another year,
or you can invest in learning the strategies, skills
and mindset to change your business and life forever.

Be A Doer. Join the DOERs Retreat!

Knowledge Packed DOERs Retreat

January 8-14, 2018

When you leave the Doers Retreat, you’ll have:

  • A clear vision for your future and your business in 2018
  • Tools to maintain a constant peace of mind for your life while gaining a larger piece of market for your business
  • A comprehensive digital marketing plan for 2018 that doesn’t rely on paid advertising, incl. a content marketing and organic search strategy
  • Digital marketing secrets and the latest tools to implement your digital strategy with ease. 
  • Techniques to hack your mind and body to create clarity, focus and the future you want
  • A Doer’s mindset to follow through & build business momentum
  • 1-on-1 mentoring and support sessions with Rob and Tyler
  • A community of supportive, like-minded people
  • First 5 Sign-ups get the following Bonus: Coherent Leadership Mindset profile to help you optimize your Mindset for 2018



Extend: Mentor Guided Results

January 8-14 (Retreat) + January 14-19, 2018

During the extended time you will get:

  • A productivity-focused environment
  • Technical & Marketing support
  • Different resources and tools to execute your plan
  • 1-on-1 mentoring with Rob Bertholf
  • A Great pre-game for the Nomad Summit in Chiang Mai on January 20th

Where does this magic take place?

We have secured two private villas in Chiang Mai, Thailand (they are amazing!). Once you are at the retreat, everything is taken care of. This means you can focus 100% of your energy on applying what you learn to develop the best strategies and mindsets for 2018…we take care of the rest.

Who Will Benefit The Most? (Doers and…)

Entrepreneurs who want to develop a strategy for branding, infrastructure, content & community. And want to be happy, feel powerful, and live free.

Marketing Executives who want to start 2018 with a fresh marketing, content, search and social strategy. And want to optimize their mental state to increase performance.

Retreat Facilitators

Tyler Mongan

Tyler Mongan

TYLER W MONGAN (Heart Lab Consultancy) :: Expert in Mind Hacking, BioHacking, Business Strategy, & Foresight

  • Business Strategy, innovation, and Future Timelining
  • Print Media Development and Marketing
  • Web marketing psychology
  • Personal Brand Development
  • Online and Offline Event/Training Curriculum Development
  • Life and Business alignment
  • Optimizing Brain and Body performance
Rob Bertholf

Rob Bertholf

ROB BERTHOLF (Bertholf Ventures, LLC) :: Digital Marketing Strategist (#1 SEO Expert) & Software Developer

  • Digital Marketing Strategy Secrets
  • Web Application Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Organic Acquisition Marketing
  • Organic SEO & paid search Campaigns
  • Software as a Service, eCommerce startups, Marketing Automation
  • Conversion Optimization Audits

Mind Hacking + Strategic Futuring

Heart-Brain Coherence: Gaining Clarity and focus

FurtureHacking 101: Thinking Big and Small

Timelining Your Life/Business Future For 2018

The secrets of embodying a C.A.L.M. F.I.R.3. Mindset to
become a magnet for what you want

Trajectories of Success through applied
biohacking: Make 2018 Frictionless

Digital Marketing Talk + Workshop

Branding + Branding Workshop

Technical + Infrastructure/Architecture Workshop

Content + Content Strategy Workshop

Community + Social Marketing Strategy Workshop

Experience + Measurement & Analysis Workshop

2018 Digital Marketing Strategy Development

DOERs Retreat Daily Schedule

Everyday we will dive deeper into optimizing your mental capacities and digital marketing strategy (doesn’t that sound amazing?). You will be provided with food and drinks that invigorate and sustain your energy throughout the day. There will be time to relax and reflect, and time to take action on your ideas and grow your business. And there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with Rob and Tyler 1on1 to explore your specific business and life goals. 


  • Light Fruit and drinks with 1on1 with Rob and Tyler
  • Movement designed to Optimize Brain Function and Brain, Heart, Body Alignment
  • Breakfast and Brainstorming
  • Daily Life and Business Strategy and Foresight Workshop
  • Daily Digital Marketing Strategy and Development

Mid Day

  • Lunch
  • Free Time To Work or Relax
  • Massages & Movement
  • 1on1 with Rob and Tyler to discuss and develop personalized life and business strategies
  • Daily Digital Tactics Workshop to optimize your digital strategy


  • Pau Hana (Happy Hour in Hawaiian)
  • Dinner
  • Evening Fun and Activities for exploring the self, collaborating with others and developing new opportunities in the future

Add-On: Mentor Guided Results Week 

January 14 -19


KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING. We all know the ecstatic feeling you get when you leave a highly charged conference. But when you get back to life and don’t take immediate action on what you learned, your results can suffer.

Week 2 is your opportunity to gain immediate momentum and execute your plan with all the help and resources you need at your disposal. There’s no agenda so you can work on your plan with unlimited 1-on-1 mentoring by expert Rob, along with access to Rob’s team to help you with technical aspects of your website, at a specially discounted rate.

Our experts typically charge a minimum of $250-$500 per hour for 1-on-1 consulting time, so this is an exclusive, rare opportunity to take advantage of unlimited access to them.

The add-on mentor week is a great lead up to the Nomad Summit on January 20, 2018, hosted in Chiang Mai.

“Rob has so much practical experience in the field of social marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, web development and more. I’ve taken over 8 classes from Rob since 2010 and continue to learn so much. He is a good communicator with a great deal of experience, which makes for a good instructor.” 


Cindy Wu

Vice President, CADesign

“Having gone off on my own to start a branding agency three years ago, I feel like I can start implementing your principles immediately to grow my business, attract more clients, and achieve a better balance in my personal life. In fact, the woman I was sitting next to asked for my card to talk about helping her with a branding project — immediate results!” 



Entrepreneur, Hydra Creative

Knowledge Packed DOERs Retreat

January 8-14, 2018

Shared Room

  • Registration is Closed

Private Room

  • Registration is Closed

Extend: Mentor Guided Results

January 8-14 + January 14-19, 2018

Shared Room

  • Registration is Closed

Private Room

  • Registration is Closed

Whats Included
  • Two adjoining Private Villas 
  • All meals by an in-house chef (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • Snacks, Teas, Coffee and clean drinking water
  • Airport Pickup/Drop off
  • Welcome Gift (Secrets)
  • Guided Morning Movement and Meditation
  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Bicycles available 
  • Concierge Services 
  • Saltwater Pools w/Jacuzzi massage jet systems
  • Workshops by Rob and Tyler
  • 1-on-1’s with Rob and Tyler 
  • Connecting with other like-minded, passionate ‘Doers’
  • Peace of Mind and Piece of the Market

Undecided or can’t join us in January?

Need more information? Please fill out the form below and we can setup some time to speak with Rob or Tyler to discuss how the retreat can benefit your 2018 goals.  If you are unable to join in January, enter your email below as we are organizing several events in 2018 with exciting other locations!